I’m back.

Wow it’s been like.. 2 years? Since i’ve been here? Crazy! Sorry it took so long, I had to take a break. I don’t know what content i’ll post, but definitely lifestyle as usual. I’m excited to write again, I hope you guys didin’t left my blog yet.

I’ll post something full tomorrow, because I’m tired and I have to follow more blogs here.

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I’m back.

50 Questions You’ve Never Been Asked Tag


I thought doing a tag would be a nice, since i’ve been tagged by lovely Ilse. https://ilsemargot.blogspot.nl/ Check her blog.

Let’s start then!

1. What’s your favourite candle scent?

This is a hard question, since i’m such a candle freak but Vanilla Cupcake, Snow In Love and Soft Blanket. All scents are from Yankee Candles.

2. What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?

I honestly don’t know, but maybe Mila Kunis. I know her since That 70’s show, and Jackie was literally such a funny character.

3. What male celebrity do you wish was your brother?

No idea, maybe Paul Wesley? Vampire vibes.

4. How old do you think you’ll be when you get married?

I always wanted to get married, when i’ll be 30 or something. Im 20 like tomorrow, and i don’t want any guy to destroy my career path.

5. Do you know a hoarder?

Yeah me. I’m such a messy person, you wouldn’t believe.

6. Can you do the splits?

Of course not.

7. How old were you when you first learned to ride a bike?

Ahh i remember this so clearly. I was about 5 years old, yeah.

8. How many oceans have you swum in?

I want to say two, but i don’t really remember i was so little.

9. How many countries have you visited?

Like three or more, i want to travel more when i’ll have a chance.

10. Is anyone in your family in the army?


11. What would you name your daughter if you had one?

Ahh finally my question. I always wanted to name my baby girl Cornelia, Sky, Autumn, Rachel or Tanya. These are my favourites when it comes to names. But i don’t know if i want any kids in the future. We’ll see.

12. What would you name your son if you had one?

I feel like there’s not so much a male names, that i like. Maybe Emmett is a nice one, and Alex.

13. What’s the worst grade you’ve got on a test?

Possibly a D.

14. What was your favourite TV show as a kid?

Winx Club, W.I.T.C.H and Totally Spies.

15. What did you dress up as for Halloween when you were 8?

In my country we don’t dress up, so im kinda bummed about that.

16. Have you read any of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight series?

I hate Harry Potter, yes i said it. I never read any book about it, or watched a movie. I also hate Lord Of The Rings. I read only Twilight series.

17. Would you rather have an American accent or a British accent?

I bloody love a British accent, and to me it’s the best one.

18. Did your mother go to university?


19. Are your grandparents still married?

In heaven they are, when my grandma passed away they were still married so yes. I miss them so much.

20. Have you ever taken karate lessons?

No, but my childhood friend did.

21. Do you know who Kermit the Frog is?

Yes, i hate a t-shirt with him.

22. What was the first amusement park you went to?

Oh i don’t remember.

23. What language besides your native language would you like to be fluent in?

Since my first language is Polish, i would love to be fluent in Spanish, French & Italian. I know English pretty well.

24. Do you spell the colour as ‘grey’ or ‘gray’?


25. Is your father bald?
Nope, not yet.

26. Do you know any triplets?

Only in Friends, Phoebe was pregnant with triplets haha.

27. Do you prefer Titanic or The Notebook?

I hate Titanic, so i definitely would go with The Notebook.

28. Have you ever had Indian food?

Yes, i love it so much.

29. What’s the name of your favourite restaurant?

I don’t have a favourite one.

30. Have you ever been to Nandos?

No, but i would love to.

31. Do you belong to any warehouse stores? (Costco, Bookers etc.)

Don’t know what this means, so no.

32. What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender?

I think they wanted to name me Thomas.

33. If you have a nickname, what is it?

Don’t have one, but i like to be called Caro.

34. Who’s your favourite person in the world?

My mom, my dad, sister &  my best friend.

35. Would you rather live in the countryside or the city?

I lived in the countryside and it was okay, but now i live in the city so yeah.

36. Can you whistle?


37. Do you sleep with a nightlight?

Not anymore, i slept when i was around 12 i guess.

38. Do you eat breakfast every morning?

No, i try to really but i’m not that hungry in the morning.

39. Do you take any pills or medication daily?

No, but sometimes i take vitamins to get my nails & hair stronger.

40. What medical conditions do you have?

I only have a bad sight, so i have to wear glasses.

41. How many times have you been to the hospital?

Only in clinic when i was ill or something, but in hospital once to visit someone.

42. Have you ever seen Finding Nemo?

Few times, yes.

43. Where do you buy your jeans?

H&M, Zara, Bershka or River Island.

44. What’s the last compliment you got?

That im the nicest person and i’m such a lovely blogger.

45. Do you usually remember your dreams in the morning?

Unfortunately no, but the last one i had was scary. I dreamt about being kidnapped.

46. What flavour tea do you enjoy?

Raspberry one, Earl Grey and sometimes Black one.

47. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?

Maybe 9, 10.

48. What religion will you raise your children to practice?

It’s going to be their choice, but i believe in God so i would love for them to do that too. I’ll not force them to anything.

49. How old were you when you found out Santa wasn’t real?

I was little, of course for a while i believed in him, but later i was what is this bullshit anyway? Some guy with raindeers, gives lots of kids presents? Nah.

50. Why do you have a blog?

I love sharing my favourite things with other bloggers, i love taking inspirations from them. I think i’m good at that, let me know in the comments.

So yeah that’s it. I hope you guys enjoyed this tag, i would also love to tag all bloggers, do that lovelies.

See you soon guys, have a nice morning, afternoon & evening.

50 Questions You’ve Never Been Asked Tag

June Favourites

Hello guys.

Today i would like to name all my June favourites. Things i’ve been using and loving. Especially Bath & Body Works products. This is my ultimate favourite brand, and i recommend it to anyone.


Three products from Bath & Body are body mist with raspberry fragrance, body lotion ”Hello Beautiful’ and big ultra shea, japanese blossom body cream. I’m literally obssesed with this, it smells so freaking good.

Revolution palette – It’s not something wow, but i’m loving these shades so much. q.jpg

Next thing is Victoria’s Secret perfume ‘Scandalous’.  This smell is incredible, really. Also mascara Wonder’full from Rimmel.


So that’s it from beauty products i’ve been loving this month. I can’t believe it’s already 30th of June. It’s so close to my birthday, i’m so happy and nervous. 20 is a big thing!

Anyway, this month also was a reading one so these blogs made me so much inspirational & positive.

dbbloggerxoxo.com – Charlotte

http://www.naomivictoria.co.uk/ Naomi Victoria

yearofyou.co.uk Hayley Colleen

bonjourashleigh.blogspot.co.uk Ashleigh

http://www.dorkface.co.uk Jemma

lelore.com Laura

anniewritesbeauty.co.uk Alice Anne

the-rose-glow.blogspot.co.uk Alice

zoeoliviablog.co.uk Zoe Olivia

imjustagirl16.co.uk Chloe

My favourite leilaland.co.uk Leila Land

katie-middleton.co.uk Katie

veryberrycosmo.co.uk Kayleigh

So that’s it for today. I hope anyone can find something for them, in my post. Let me know in the comments, what you’ve been loving this month. I recommend Bath & Body Works products to everyone. It’s really worth a try.

Have a good chilled Friday, with Netflix and food. Take care guys x

June Favourites

Goals, Summer, 2017

Hello everyone

Today i think, is the hottest day ever. I barely have energy to do anything. I took a quick shower, and i thought why not write a post for you guys?

I’ve seen PLL finale, and i won’t spoil anything because i know, the rest of you still haven’t seen it yet. I can honestly say woah, Troian deserves any award there is. I’m glad everyone got their happy ending. Let me know in the comments, how you guys liked the finale series.

As the title says, i’m going to write my 2017 goals.

First thing on the list is being happy. How do you find yourself not happy in life? I know sometimes life gives you a kick, and you don’t feel good but it’s worth to be happy, to be positive. The best thing to keep your happiness going, is hanging out with your friends, family. Spend the most of your time, with your loved ones. I love spending time with my folks, and soon i’ll be babysitting, so im glad for that.

In couple of days, i’m going to have a birthday. It’s so weird knowing, i’ll be 20 years old. Time flies so much, i remember when i had like 5 years and life was so much better. Now i have lots of responsibilities. As i grow older now, i realize how the world is going so fast. I would love to slow down for a second, but everything flies. It’s impossible to not be happy on this day. I’m such a birthday person, i always yell ” It’s my birthday, mom, dad everyone!’ I’m such a baby, does anyone have this too?

Another thing on my list, is travel a lot.

I’ve only been in Nottingham a couple years ago, but i miss exploring the whole world. I hope soon i’ll be seeing London, the city i love. It’s my dream to see New York, and other great places.

The one thing i would love to do this year, is lose some weight. I never had a trouble with my body, but i’m so naughty and eat pretty much everyday,  all the time. My stomach looks like im pregnant, five month maybe. Losing 3,4 pounds would really help me.

I’d love to learn how to swim. Yes, i can’t swim and im a little embarrassed. If i go to any holiday, there will be a pool. I don’t want to die there!

As i live far away from the beach, i would love to spend afternoon and evening there, when there is no one just me, and the sea. I think beach is the best place, to think and just be by yourself.

Go to more parties. Since i’ve written about my anxiety, im scared to go where there is a huge crowd. But, maybe a one party would help me? I don’t know, but my friends has been telling me, go to a party, dance. I would love to do that, if i had the courage.

I would like to learn another language. English is not my first, but a second language. There’s so many beautiful langugages, and french is one of them. It’s a little hard to learn, but maybe i can do it. My friend learned japanese, and i’m so jealous.

Find a peace in myself. Like yoga, exercise more. Im eating healthy as i can, but i heard yoga is very relaxing. I would love to try that someday.

Took more photos. I think everyone loves memories right? It would be amazing, if i just started to collect more of these, and maybe polaroid. I love photos from this.

There’s so many goals i would love to achieve this year, and i hope they will come true.

“Another way to bring positivity into your life is to become a giver.” This is my quote for the day.

Enjoy your rainy or hot Wednesday. Take care, don’t spend so much time in the sun, wear hats! Drink lots of fluids, also don’t forget to help animals in those temperatures. I see you tomorrow, with a new post.  Let me know in the comments, what goals for 2017 and summer you all have.

Kisses x

Goals, Summer, 2017

Chatty Monday

Hello everyone.

It’s already Monday, which is my least favourite day. Not because of school, i’m not going there anymore, but i don’t know. It’s like an extra Sunday. I’m complaining again about days, okay Caro calm down.

So, today i wanted to chat about positivity, anxiety etc.  The worst thing i’ve experienced is of course anxiety.

What is that exactly?

Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness and worry, usually generalized and unfocused as an overreaction to a situation that is only subjectively seen as menacing.

Anxiety is not an easy subject, it’s something you have to fight about. I’ve had a couple of panic attacks myself, when i felt useless, like the worst person in the world. This feeling keeps you for a whole day, and then you explode with angry emotions, or cry.

I can’t remember how many nights i’ve cried, because of not feeling good about myself. So many people, my friends has been telling me, i’m overreacting but i genuinely wasn’t. I wish i could say, i don’t have anxiety i’m okay. No, it’s not like that. Im slowly accepting my body and everything. I hate having these fears, like i’m gonna lose a battle or lose someone important to me. I couldn’t live like this, not without my family, friends. Before i start to cry or anything, i would like to say you’re strong, don’t give up. Everything is going to be okay, at the end.


Positivity –  The state or character of being positive: a positivity that accepts the world as it is.


I can everyone is spreading positivity and kindness everywhere. That’s how the world should work. I can’t even begin how much hate, and bullying makes me feel. Why people must bring everyone down, point fingers at them and laugh? It’s okay to be different, it’s okay to be someone you are. Bullying is not something fun, believe me. I’ve experienced it, and all i can say be strong. I had panic attacks about it. I admire people, who can stand up and take care of this problem themselves.

As being optimistic myself, i’m spreading love, happiness & positivity all the time. I think people want to hear good morning, have a good day, take care. These little things make a person happy, it’s priceless.

As kids grow up, they don’t understand a definition of spreading only positivity, they only bring everyone down. I feel sorry for parents, because how can a kid know good things, and have a nice heart when they don’t want to be teached?

I always have a rule. Be nice, and people will do the same to you. ‘The world is filled with nice people, if you can’t find one be one’.

Songs that help me calm down, when i’m having a rough night.

Coldplay – Magic

Ariana Grande – Moonlight

The whole Shawn Mendes album. This boy is my favourite.

Selena Gomez – Kill Em With Kindness

I hope this post will help a few of you, with everything that’s been going on. Let me know in the comments, how you deal with bullying, anxiety etc.

See you tomorrow, or soon. Love you all, have a nice day.

Chatty Monday

Favourite things to watch.

Good Morning everyone.

Hello on Sunday, the day i literally don’t like the most. Why? I have no idea. It’s just so boring, and pretty much there’s nothing to do. But i won’t complain no more, because in today’s post i would like to make a list, of my favourite tv shows.

Shows i love, i like and i hate. Some of these you might know, but i’ll recommend it anyway.

Let’s start with Friends. Who doesn’t love this show? They make me laugh all the time, and i’m so grateful for them.

UNAGI, Y-You threw my sandwich away?, Shame on you, ugly baby judges you.


Hart of Dixie.

Pretty much, the most relaxing & funny show. I love it so much, and everyone should watch it.

New Yorker and new doctor Zoe Hart accepts an offer from a stranger, Dr. Harley Wilkes, to work in his medical practice in Bluebell, Alabama.


Gilmore Girls

I think everyone know this show, but if not.. go watch it now! The most funny seven seasons. I always loved being Lorelai in most of the situations.


I have a very long list of shows, but i won’t post everyone of them, because my characters in post, will end. Let’s go to another one.

The Vampire Diaries

I know, i know. It got bored in this ending season, but who wanted to marry Damon, Stefan? Who was team Caroline, Bonnie or Elena? Who was the worst character? So many questions, but no answers. Tell me in the comments, what do you all think about final episode.


Pretty Little Liars

You guys, have no idea how sad i’ll be on Tuesday. My favourite show of all time, will end. I watch it seven years, and i can’t imagine not waiting for another episode. Im gonna miss the girls tweeting live. Tell me also in the comments, who do you think is A.D. I have so many theories. (Spencer’s Twin, Ezra, Melissa and still Lucas).



Everyone who feels bullied, alone, lonely, and not accepted. Watch this show. Watch it now, because it teaches so many things. You will all relate so much. I cried so many tears during this six seasons. I wanted Rachel to be married to Finn so much. It’s Cory’s anniversary soon, in July.


Jane The Virgin

My favourite telenovela. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. Everything in the between.

A young, devout Catholic woman discovers that she was accidentally artificially inseminated.


Jessica Jones

A former superhero decides to reboot her life by becoming a private investigator.

I love this show, Jessica is an badass.


I think that’s it with my list of shows. But i lots of more, so let me know in the comments, what else i could recommend you to watch. I also love Grey’s Anatomy, Mr. Robot and many many other shows.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday, take care, be careful and enjoy time with your friends and family. See you all tomorrow.

Favourite things to watch.

A new beginning.


I thought about starting a new blog. I admire people with such an amazing themes, blogs. My site will be about everything honestly. Little bit of lifestyle, movies, books.

I’ll be doing my favourites, cosmetic products i hated the most. Truly anything you’d want.


So new post will be up tomorrow.  Tell me in comments, what would you like to see later.


Love you all, see ya.

A new beginning.